In my MBA program, I often heard of the increasing difficulty of teaching students the skills they’d need in the workplace. Twenty years ago, most of today’s jobs hadn’t been invented yet, and this process was accelerating. Specific skills wouldn’t be valued as much as the ability to adapt; Companies would seek life-long learners who could thrive in ever-changing situations.

To demonstrate my strengths in this regard, I’d like to share some of my achievements from my MBA program. Most of the subject matter was new to me, but I managed to graduate at the top of my class through perseverance, innate curiosity, and dedication to producing the highest quality work possible.

Project Loveday I made an advertisement in Strategic Management. cola wars I designed the graphics for my team’s presentation. Awesome A start-up based on my Photoshop skills.
Intel I explored a high tech industry leader. Kakao I expanded fintech into a new market. Egg I set a new record in Innovation class.
Craftworks I met the deadline despite a shrinking team. Career Workshop I organized and emceed for the Career Workshop. Outscoring I used class concepts in real-world applications.
Professors Paper I helped the Data Analysis professor with his paper. Decision I made the study guide for Decision Modeling. Recent Projects I’ve done since I graduated.