Awesome Shopped

Our Entrepreneurship professor asked everyone to propose a new business. He would pick the best proposals and form teams to work on them. I decided to do a business based on my hobby of Photoshopping my daughters into fun situations. The idea was to make photo magic accessible to everyone, without Photoshop’s steep learning curve.

When I presented the proposal, I thought it wouldn’t be ideal to use my existing work as examples. My daughters, though adorable, would be strangers to the audience, and I felt a familiar face would resonate better. Being the start of a semester with plenty of new students, I decided the professor would be the best choice. I emailed him for permission, and downloaded some of his pictures from Facebook.


Then I put him in a suitably entertaining situation.


And let’s not forget merchandise!


The class was impressed, my business proposal was picked to go forward, and the professor asked me to send him a high resolution copy of the image.

I ended up making an advertisement, and the business plan received an A+.

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