Decision Modeling

Many MBA students aren’t enthusiastic about math-heavy subjects, and did not like Decision Modeling. I loved it. For me, it was Puzzle Class, and I love puzzles. This was where my problem solving skills really got to shine.

For the midterm, the professor gave us a choice: A difficult open-book test or an easy closed-book test. I swayed enough of the class to vote for the difficult open-book test. My book, of course, would remain closed. However, the professor made the test a little too hard: I was one of the very few students to get above 50%. In my hubris I even missed a couple questions.

For the final exam the professor assigned a comprehensive set of homework problems, and held an optional review class to work through this homework assignment. I didn’t need the review class, but I’d completed the homework and wanted the professor to check my work. The professor was impressed enough with it that he photocopied it and distributed it to my classmates to use as a study guide.

At the end of the semester, there were still a few chapters we hadn’t gotten to in the textbook. I organized a study group of the 3 students who really enjoyed problem solving, and over winter break we finished the textbook.


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