Project Loveday Contest

Last year Tesla announced their Project Loveday Contest for fan-made commercials. My MBA program had just started its Spring semester, and I thought this contest would be a good project for my Strategic Management class. I got the go-ahead from my professor, and then recruited classmates who were eager to do this as our group project.

The main obstacle was that we had no access to a Tesla car. Tesla hadn’t even entered the country at that point, so we needed to think of a different angle. We decided to focus on Tesla’s mission to accelerate the adoption of clean energy. To this end, we centered the advertisement around our children, to emphasize how our actions affect future generations.

We discussed the basic layout of the ad as a group, and we all scouted shooting locations around the university. I produced the music on Logic Pro, and made the storyboard. We shot the video on a beautiful Spring day and our children had a lot of fun playing together. My teammate with the best camera shot most of the video. I edited the video with Final Cut Pro. The problem was that the first half of the video was supposed to look like an ultra-polluted dystopia, but the weather had been too nice. I created a dirty effect with Photoshop and overlaid it, which worked nicely.


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