The Professor’s Paper

I had an advantage going into my Statistics and Data Analysis classes: I have a BA in Environmental Science, so I have experience working with Excel and writing scientific research papers. I was already familiar with collecting data and analyzing it to find statistical significance, so these classes were a review for me.

In Data Analysis, our major project was to “write” a research paper. The professor provided a selection of published papers, and the students were to rewrite them in their own words using new data. I decided to write a proper research paper.

The professor was impressed with my work, so much so that he contacted me during summer break. He and his colleagues were writing a research paper for publication in a journal, and he wanted to hire me to edit the paper. Granted, this was mainly to correct their English, as the authors weren’t native English speakers. That being said, it shows his confident in my mastery of the subject matter.

You can find the published paper here.


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