Craftworks Brewing Company

In Operations & Supply Chain Management, our major project involved picking a local company, analyzing their operations, and making suggestions for improvement. We chose the company that brought the microbrewery revolution to Korea.

We started as a group of four, but we soon learned that one of our teammates was being sent to Saudi Arabia for a work assignment that would last months. Before he left, he toured the microbrewery and took pictures, but he wouldn’t be able to contribute to the project after that. We were down to a group of three, but that should have been fine.

However, our teams also had to do several minor projects, and one teammate turned in obviously plagiarized work for his section. We googled it and it was copied word-for-word from a published paper. We had a talk with him about how serious this was, and that we’d be willing to help him if he was finding the material too difficult, but that we would never allow our group to turn in plagiarized material. He denied it all, and said we were insulting him. We then emailed the professor, informing him of the situation, and that we would no longer be working with that student. We were now a team of two.

The biggest source of information for this report was our interview with the owner of the microbrewery. The two remaining teammates met him at his business and he talked with us for over an hour. We recorded the interview with our phones, but due to storage restrictions, we each recorded half. The next day, my teammate discovered that he hadn’t saved his recording of the interview. We would have to do that part by memory.

Then the Sunday of the deadline came. This was an intensive course, as the professor was visiting from Arizona State, and we had to cram a semester’s worth of classes into three weeks. Other classes were rescheduled and we spent 3 hours every weeknight plus all day Saturdays in this class. With homework, readings, minor projects, and our day jobs, we literally had no other time to put this project together. Deadline Sunday was it. My last remaining teammate, however, spent Deadline Sunday at a wedding. His wife insisted.

And then there was one.

I spent the entire day on the project. That is not an overstatement. As the resident Photoshop expert I was in charge of all graphics. As the only native English speaker, I was also in charge of editing. Due to teammate attrition, I now needed to write the majority of the report too. It was intense, but I managed to turn in the report just a few minutes shy of the 11 PM deadline.

Here it is. We got the top score in the class.


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