In Marketing class, we needed to choose a company and analyze how they did marketing. I thought Intel would be a fascinating choice, as they’re a B2B that markets as if they were a B2C.

I knew Intel would be difficult. To understand their marketing, I needed to learn about the microprocessor industry, which I was unfamiliar with. However, I love challenges, and a deep dive into a technical field is the kind of challenge I relish. I studied for weeks, focusing on how Intel was handling the rise of mobile devices and the decreasing importance of PCs.

I contacted my brother, who works for Xilinx, a rival of Intel’s. He put me in touch with members of Xilinx’s marketing team, who helped me immensely. I was able to gain a much greater understanding of the microprocessor industry, and the meaning behind Intel’s moves.

I delivered a presentation that took a highly complex topic and made it accessible and entertaining to the class. Here is the report.


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